Guardian Vaults Safe Deposit Boxes

Guardian Vaults Safe Deposit Box range consists of up to seven sizes. All deposit lockers are supplied with an internal locked box for your convenience. Our Deposit Boxes are issued with two identical keys that are individually coded and registered, Guardian Vaults does not keep a master copy of keys and nor can they be copied.

Any Safe Deposit Box can be accessed anytime during operating hours with no appointment required. You have unlimited access at no additional cost.

We understand your privacy is paramount, there are various benches within the vault and private viewing rooms for you to use at your convenience which are camera-free and provide complete privacy.

All secure storage accounts are issued with $10,000 liability cover per unit under Guardian Vaults’ policy. Further liability coverage can be nominated by speaking with our Vaults and Bullion Consultants.

Call our Melbourne Team on 03 9606 0588 or our Sydney Team on 02 9283 5570 to find out more.