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Risk-free off-site data storage

There are many important documents we have that should be preserved for a number of reasons, whether it be for posterity, privacy or security. Valuable items such as old family photos, legal documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates and crucial documents such as personal wills and mortgage papers are all vital and need to be stored safely and securely.

With the advent of information technology, many of these are available electronically or can be scanned to be turned into computer files. But what’s the best way to go about it, and how can you make the resulting files more secure?

While the ability to store this data on data storage solutions such as in the cloud or on your personal computer is appealing, mainly due to the ease with which it can be done, there are many relevant risks associated. There have been many high profile cases of hacking recently, such as the British Healthcare System in the U.K, the Democratic National Party in the US and major Wall Street banks. In Australia the statistics are alarming as to how often personal data has been breached and private information used. These events are becoming so common the Federal Government is expanding security measures to handle these new threats.

It is therefore paramount that any personal or business data that is stored digitally is safe and secure. The number of passwords required in this day and age is also of concern, with passwords now required for most everyday information use. The misplacing or forgetting of a password can result in the loss of these important document files forever. So, the method you choose in order as to retain your vital computer files is crucial.

The best way to store data is on an external hard drive rather than on your computer or in the cloud. These can be purchased quite cheaply and inexpensively online or from most electronic retailers. Depending on the data required they can contain upwards of 10 TB (terabytes) of data. And as is the case with technology, they will continue to expand the amount of information that can be stored. For under $100 you can easily purchase a 1TB external hard drive the size of a phone. These are ideal for storage of personal electronic files.

When it comes to business documents such as legal files, accounting/financial files and emails and database back ups, the data size can be much larger and as such require a more substantial capacity. There are many high capacity external hard drives available for storing these back-up files. But it can be just as useful, if they do not meet your requirements, to purchase multiple external drives given their price affordability and size.

Now that you have your important data files backed-up onto hard drives, the essential question is where to store them. Leaving them at home or in the office brings about risks such as theft and loss through damage. The beauty of these small sized drives is they fit perfectly into a small safe deposit box. Secure safe deposit box facilities like Guardian Vaults make it easy to have you data securely stored under 24/7 monitored surveillance, yet readily accessed by you when the need arises. A small and affordable safe deposit box makes protecting your crucial information simple, giving you peace of mind your data is not at risk.

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