Risk-free off-site data storage

There are many important documents we have that should be preserved for a number of reasons, whether it be for posterity, privacy or security. Valuable items such as old family photos, legal documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates and crucial documents such as personal wills and mortgage papers are...

The True Value of Gold (Part 1)

Most countries in the world have today adopted a paper currency fiat system that we all recognise. Issued by government decree, they are non-convertible forms of payment that are not linked to any underlying value or standard. The continued use of these paper systems relies on a perception of confidence in...

Guardian Vaults – The easiest SMSF Option

The creation of Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) has allowed investors to take control of their superannuation and be more decisive and proactive in their future investments. While this has allowed many investors to achieve a greater return on their investments, than would otherwise have been available in superannuation funds,...

Record keeping tips for Self Managed Superannuation Funds

The end of the financial year seems to come around quickly and it’s that time you when need to start gathering your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) information to arrange preparation and lodgement of your SMSF financial statements and annual return. Concise Super, SMSF Specialists have put together some record...

Journey to Bullion – A client testimony during uncertain times

One of our clients has shared their journey to investing physical silver bullion bars, gold bars and coins. We’re sure it’s a journey many of you are familiar with or maybe you’re at the cusp of a new investment strategy journey. We’ve hidden his identity for privacy reasons; in our...

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