Why Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Trader, explain the basics of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment, cold wallets and their recommendations for secure storage.

1. The Digital Economy

The world economy is in transition.  In the First Industrial Revolution we moved to mechanisation, then mass production, into information technology. We have arrived at the Fourth Industrial revolution: Intelligibility – IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, AI, VR = machine to machine transactions that interact digitally. Today the majority of global trade and GDP is digital goods. Why trade digitally with a paper currency? The foundation of a digital economy is a digital currency, specifically, a “cryptocurrency” – protected by an unbreakable cryptographic algorithm. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency; both a store of value and a system of exchange

The Digital Age

The Industrial Revolution – Bitcoin


2. Don’t understand cryptography?

Most people don’t know how their fridge works, luckily it still keeps your milk cold. If you really want to know about mining, blockchains, hash algorithms, merkle trees and more, we can give you the tech specs. Or you can benefit on the exceptional investment opportunity without drilling into the details. Ironically, the lack of mainstream understanding is what enables early adopters to reap the highest returns.


3. Bitcoin is a Store of Wealth & System of Exchange

 A New Asset Class:

  • Exceptional Returns
  • 500% growth in 2017
  • Low Correlation across standard asset classes
  • Instant Portfolio Diversification

A New Kind of Money:

  • Hedge against Geo-Political instability & declining global fiat values
  • Revolution in FinTech
  • The Digital Reserve Currency
  • Facilitator of New Markets: Banking the 2 billion Unbanked
  • Safe, Secure, Un-hackable

The ultimate investment.

How Do I Store Bitcoin?

When you buy cryptocurrency you require storage simultaneously. Like when you buy a coffee at a cafe, you need a cup at the exactly the same time. In the crypto world no one provides the cup; you bring your own. A crypto cup is a “wallet” and there are two kinds: “hot” and “cold”.

A “hot wallet” refers to an electronic wallet that exists as an app on your computer or smartphone and is owned by and / or linked to a digital currency exchange website. Since the wallet is connected to the Internet you can spend your cryptocurrency at any time, but it also exposes you to risk: Digital currency exchange websites are often hacked and shut down.  We don’t recommend hot wallets for large tranches of cryptocurrency – or carrying $25,000 cash in your back pocket for the next decade.

A “cold wallet” stores cryptocurrency on an offline external hardware device (like a back up drive), that can’t be hacked. Further, when you activate a cold wallet the device generates “recovery seeds”; twenty-four random words, unique to your wallet. These seeds are like a password that can be used to recover your cryptocurrency on-line if your device is lost, stolen or compromised. Most importantly, unlike a hot wallet on an exchange, you own the cold wallet device so you’re always in control of your cryptocurrency investment.

Choosing the right device and establishing it correctly requires a significant amount of technical expertise. Experienced clients supply their own cold wallet storage;  if you’re a new investor we can assign an established device to your order.


Where is my cold wallet kept?

Throughout the acquisition process Bitcoin Trader keeps your activated cold wallet device in a safety deposit box, inside a multi-layered security vault, in an undisclosed location.  In fact, your cold wallet device waits inside the vault before the trade. Once you’ve completed an order form and your fiat funds have cleared, the trade is made and the supplier transfers your cryptocurrency allocation directly from their wallet to yours – inside the vault. The only thing moving is the code. It’s a bit like storing a credit card inside a vault, then transferring funds onto the account via internet banking. This process was established to ensure your cryptocurrency could not be hacked or stolen throughout acquisition, and interception of your cold wallet storage device was impossible.

Since not many people want to keep their future millions under the mattress; or their cold wallet in the cupboard – we advocate storing your cold wallet device in a safety deposit box within a secure vault. That’s why we’ve partnered with Guardian Vaults.


The Vaulting Process

Guardian Vaults Bitcoin Cold Storage


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