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The Cost of Home Security

Securely protecting valuable and precious items in your home can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. But is there a more convenient alternative?

Depending on the size of your home, installing a security system can be quite complicated, as there are a variety of security systems available – working through the myriad of options can be confusing. The security parameters required for the monitoring of entrances, windows and even individual rooms is complex, requiring experts to facilitate the ideal system tailored to your individual needs.

Given the nature of these complexities, the initial installation expenses to establish a comprehensive security system can run into thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. Most security systems, once installed, are then monitored off-site by an external agent. This can also include vehicle surveillance whereby they drive past your home intermittently weekly, daily or hourly. This ongoing management and surveillance adds markedly to the initial outlay and ends up being beyond most people’s budget.

Then there is the annoyance of having to enter codes each time you enter and exit, something that many people find can be frustrating. Security systems that offer individual rooms to be alarmed at night can also cause issues when young children or pets wander into a secured room, setting off the alarm. The irritation of this, coupled with having to contact the security company and going through identity validation, can be a great inconvenience at two o’clock in the morning.

Even once you have installed a comprehensive security system to protect from intruders and theft, it is only one facet of the risks to precious and valuable items. The other issues arise from fire, water or accidental damage. These cannot be mitigated against by a security system unless you store them in a personal safe. This further adds to your expenses, as the purchase of a home safe is a costly outlay and as their weight is significant they usually require specialised installation.

All of these security systems to protect your valuable items can become extremely expensive and overwhelming. The hassles and ongoing maintenance can cause unnecessary angst and worry, which belies the purpose of protecting your valuable items in the first place.

Guardian Vaults Safe Deposit Boxes


So, to eliminate and allay these expenses and concerns it is best to look towards the use of a safe deposit box. At Guardian Vaults, we specialise in the safe and secure storage of precious and valuable items from gold to precious heirlooms and financial documents. Guardian Vaults provide fingerprint scanning, security guards and vaults at each of our secure storage facilities. We pack all of your home tech security into the one location, removing all of the worry from you. Store your valuables and precious items in a safe deposit box and you can rest assured they are risk-free from damage and theft.

Contact us today to discuss the safe storage of your valuable items, and you could end up saving yourself the pain of those two o’clock alarm bells!

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