Renting Safe Deposit Boxes for the Holidays

Here’s a fact: Crime hots up over summer, with robbery rates increase during the holiday period. In particular, January is the worst month of the year for burglaries according to crime statistics.

Cash and jewellery are the most often stolen items from homes. Years ago, larger items were the most common items to be taken, but with the price and value of such electrical devices reducing dramatically over the last decade, smaller valuables are now the predominant target.

valuables in a Safe Deposit Box


So, how can you protect yourself against the traumatic experience of having things that matter to you, perhaps items you’ve collected for years, stolen from your home?

It’s widely accepted that thieves are an opportunistic bunch. And with many of us taking our holidays over the Christmas and New Year period, homes are left empty for weeks at a time, giving them the precise opportunity they’re looking for.

Obviously, home security is important. But there is another, more secure way of keeping your valuables safe whilst you’re away enjoying yourself – renting a safe deposit box. Under constant security, video surveillance and guarded by staff, safe deposit boxes provide the kind of security you’ll never have at home.

Safe deposit boxes and Guardian Vaults


For a relatively low cost, renting just a small safe deposit box means you benefit from the peace of mind and convenience of always having it on hand. That means you can drop off your valuables whenever you head away for your holidays, knowing they’ll be safe and sound behind multiple levels of protection.

The beauty of renting a safe deposit box is that, once you have one, you’ll find all sorts of items around the home that you can store there. Popular items include important documents and small items of sentimental value.

Storing valuables whilst on holiday is a smart move. After all, the enjoyment of your holiday will quickly disappear if you returned to find your home has been burgled.

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