Make 2017 More Secure

Following a tumultuous year, with many political and financial surprises unfolding, many of us are left feeling like we need a little more security and peace of mind.

So, if you’re hoping or planning for 2017 to offer a little less stress than 2016, you may wish to consider taking up a secure storage box. This is a quick and easy way of taking away the worry of having valuable items stolen, going missing or getting damaged.

Here are just a few reasons and solutions to make 2017 a little less worrying.

Holiday Season Security

As we wrote in a recent article, the holiday and summer seasons are the times when our homes are most vulnerable to theft. When you’ve worked hard all year, or indeed, all your life, you should be able to go away without worrying about your valuables and precious possessions left at home.

Having your own safe deposit box in our secure Sydney vault or Melbourne vault means it’s there whenever you need it, no matter what time of year you take a holiday.

Peace of Mind

There are plenty of valuable possessions that don’t need to be stored in your home and would be better stored in a secure safe deposit box. This could include jewellery, important documents like wills and deeds and precious items such as family photographs.

If you have anything hidden away in your home that you’d hate to lose, consider a secure storage or safe deposit box option from Guardian Vaults.

Storage Convenience

There are some valuables and precious metals, like gold bars and silver bars, that just are not convenient to store in your home. Our gold bullion vaults are ideal for silver bullion storage too, of course, and whatever you choose to store in your vault will be under 24/7 monitored security.

Equally important is the fact that you can purchase gold and silver bullion or gold and silver coins and have them transferred into our secure bullion vaults without you having to do anything – simply order online via our Guardian Gold site or call +61 3 9670 4488 (Melbourne) or +61 2 9283 5570 (Sydney) to purchase and we’ll do the rest.

Self Managed Super Funds

With tight regulations around how you store and insure items purchased as part of your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investments, taking out secure storage makes a lot of sense. Our custom-built facilities are designed to meet all your SMSF needs, and our leading security measures make it far easier for you to procure the right level of insurance.

Business and Data Storage

If you’ve built up your business and 2017 looks like being a big year, consider the securest way to back up your data. We have a wide range of safe deposit boxes ideal for all kinds of data storage devices and drives. And with convenient access whenever you need it, keeping your back-ups up-to-date is easy.

Just like insurance, when the only time you truly value it is when the worse happens, secure storage can be a valuable preventative measure. Make 2017 the year you upgrade to secure storage at Guardian Vaults.

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