5 Reasons to Invest in Premium Vaulting Services

There are a number of storage options available for people who want to buy gold and silver, but a private vaulting facility offers the most comprehensive protection on the market.

Gold and silver bullion is a popular choice for investors who want to hedge risk in their portfolios, but owning physical bars and coins requires adequate storage.

Here are five reasons why selecting secure bullion storage with a company such as Guardian Vaults is the best option for precious metal investors.

1. Guard against thieves

Many people, particularly those who don’t have large quantities of gold or silver, may be tempted to store their assets¬†at home. While this may be the lowest-cost approach, it is fraught with dangers.

One of the biggest risks is that your investment will be stolen. Not only may opportunist thieves find your precious metals, but sophisticated burglars could specifically target you if it becomes common knowledge that you store valuables at your property.

2. Prevent confiscation

If you decide not to store your precious metals at home, then keeping it in a bank’s safety deposit box is a possibility. However, there are also problems with this method.

While unlikely, there is a chance your gold can be legally confiscated by the government. This occurred in the US in 1933, when then-president Franklin D Roosevelt signed executive order 6102, making it illegal to possess monetary gold.

In Australia, the federal government has seized hundreds of millions of dollars held in dormant bank accounts. Alternatively, the bank itself could fail, preventing you from accessing your assets when you most need them.

3. State-of-the-art security

Premium vaulting services offer the most sophisticated security protection available to ensure the safety of your gold and silver.

For example, Guardian Vaults has various electronic and physical measures safeguarding investments, including digital photo recognition, individual client pin codes, on-site guards and 24/7 video surveillance.

Furthermore, there is independent monitoring and mobile response, seismic detectors and passive infrared sensors. These features surpass the security available through banks and far exceed even the most advanced home systems.

4. Comprehensive insurance

In many cases, home insurance policies will not cover lost, stolen or damaged gold or silver. Even those that do are unlikely to provide full cover, especially for large quantities worth a considerable amount of money.

High-end private bullion vault facilities offer a range of insurance options, guaranteeing that clients are completely protected in the rare situations where something goes wrong.

Guardian Vaults has a strong, long-standing relationship with Lloyd’s of London, a company that specialises in world-class insurance provision. Lloyd’s also engages the services of risk assessment specialists to evaluate the quality of the company’s vaults.

5. Flexibility

With a range of bullion storage and safety deposit box options, privately owned vault facilities provide flexibility for both small- and large-scale precious metal investors.

Whether you need to upsize or downsize your current storage needs, Guardian Vaults can advise you on the best course forward.

If you would like to learn more about the company’s extensive range of services, which also include data storage and irreplaceable possessions boxes, please click here.

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