Bullion Vault Range

Guardian Vaults has exclusively purpose built and customised bullion safes specifically for the needs of your Gold and Silver Storage requirements. These safes and custom sizes are available nowhere else in Australia.

Our 200 Series, 300 Series, 800 Series and Strong Rooms are issued with two identical keys as per our safe deposit box range and our Bullion Safes are operated by a 6-8 digit pin code selected by you.

Our ranges suit all of your investment needs, whether you’re just starting out or as an experienced investor looking at sophisticated and premium solutions for fully allocated and segregated secure bullion storage. They are also not exclusive to storing gold and silver. You may have valuables which you’d like to store in this safe range.

All secure storage accounts are issued with $10,000 liability coverage per unit under Guardian Vaults’ policy. Further liability coverage can be nominated by speaking with our Vaults and Bullion Consultants.

Call our Melbourne Team on 03 9606 0588 or our Sydney Team on 02 9283 5570 to find out more.

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