Types of storage available at Guardian Vaults

Guardian Vaults prides itself on offering premium storage for precious metals investors, giving clients the peace of mind they need when purchasing gold and silver bullion.

However, the company’s state-of-the-art vault services are designed to protect a wide range of assets, making them ideal for any possessions that are simply too valuable to keep at home or on business premises.

Here is a quick rundown of the three main storage areas in which Guardian Vaults specialises.

Data storage

The rise of big data and analytics in companies across Australia means organisations value business information more than ever before.

Backing up data and storing it in an offsite location is becoming an essential part of disaster recovery, ensuring companies can be up and running again as quickly as possible following an IT failure. It is also important that enterprises protect their intellectual property, particularly as cyber criminals find increasingly sophisticated ways of bypassing security systems.

Guardian Vaults offers individuals safe deposit boxes for all data storage needs, and will only allow access to an organisation’s designated staff members. This added layer of security can drastically improve your business continuity capabilities, lower courier costs and reduce the need for expensive software solutions.

Irreplaceable possessions storage

Storing irreplaceable possessions at home carries considerable risks, whether they are hold monetary value or not. Natural disasters are common throughout Australia, which means properties could be hit by bushfires, floods, cyclones or other extreme weather conditions. Even regular house fires are a possibility.

Belongings could also be stolen or simply lost, leaving people without important documents, family heirlooms or treasured photographs. While some items can be insured, others may have significant sentimental value that can’t be measured in dollars.

Investing in safe deposit boxes with Guardian Vaults means all irreplaceable possessions can be kept safe in a high-security facility where they are protected from a multitude of unforeseen circumstances.

Gold and silver storage

Anyone involved in physical gold and silver trading requires sophisticated, reliable storage facilities – and Guardian Vaults is an industry leader in this area.

Precious metals are a popular choice with many investors who are hoping to balance the risk in their portfolios, as it provides safety in times of economic and political strife. Gold and silver bullion also exist outside of the fiat currency system, meaning these metals will still retain their value should paper money markets collapse.

However, home storage is extremely risky and can easily make your property a target for thieves, which is why investors are advised to seek the best private storage services available. Guardian Vaults offers bullion vaults and safe deposit boxes in a range of capacities, allowing you to find the ideal solution for your needs.

Small boxes can handle up to 22 x 1kg bars or as many as 90oz of gold coins, making them perfect for first-time investors. Alternatively, grand bullion safes can manage up to 10 x 1,000oz silver bars for large-scale precious metals traders.

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