Monthly Archives: May 2015

A beginner’s guide to investing in gold

People have been investing in gold for centuries – and with good reason. The precious metal is a popular and steady investment choice, not least for its rarity and global demand. If you are new to the world of investing in precious metals, there are some key considerations you will...

How can I invest in gold?

Gold offers many different opportunities for investment. The type you choose will depend on a range of factors, including your budget, the length of time you plan to hold your portfolio and the storage you have in mind. Here are some of the most common ways to invest in the...

What will the LBMA achieve through its bullion market review?

London's bullion market is one of the most complex and advanced in the developed world. In fact, it has become so diverse that the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has commissioned a study into the current environment, which will enable it to identify future opportunities for development. Ernst & Young has...

Gold grade to be improved at El Gallo 1

McEwen Mining is planning on extending the life of its El Gallo 1 mine, after recent results suggested there could be more of the precious metal beneath the surface. Not only this, the grade of the gold being excavated also looks set to be improved moving forward. A number of...

Further exploration opportunities found at Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula could be home to further gold reserves, following analysis of recent assay results from the site. Investigator Resources found there is particular potential for iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) to be found in the area. Two diamond core holes – known as Roundabout and Spyall - were drilled...

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