Monthly Archives: November 2014

5 Reasons to Invest in Premium Vaulting Services

There are a number of storage options available for people who want to buy gold and silver, but a private vaulting facility offers the most comprehensive protection on the market. Gold and silver bullion is a popular choice for investors who want to hedge risk in their portfolios, but owning...

Dutch Announce Gold Repatriation

The Netherlands has announced the repatriation of some of its gold bullion reserves stored in the US, after Germany expressed similar intentions in 2012. According to the Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the nation wishes to diversify its spread of gold stock "in a more balanced way". Previously,...

Swiss Gold Referendum Poll Indicates Waning Support

A 'yes' vote for the Swiss gold referendum later this month is looking increasingly unlikely, according to a recent poll. The Save our Swiss Gold campaign is a proposal backed by the country's right-wing Swiss People's Party, which garnered the required 100,000 signatures needed to hold a referendum. If more...

Australian banks upbeat about gold prices

Financial institutions in Australia believe gold prices will remain sturdy until the end of the year, despite negative forecasts from global organisations. The precious metal was up 3 per cent in trading on Monday (November 10), after poor US jobs data suggested a rise in interest rates could be some...

Gold Smuggling Rampant in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi officials have claimed the country is becoming a hub for gold smuggling, with an ever-increasing number of criminals caught trying to move bullion into neighbouring India. Mainul Hossain Khan, a customs intelligence chief, said he and his team have seized 623 kg of the precious metal since July last...

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