Monthly Archives: July 2014

Is there a silver shortage on the horizon?

Market economics dictate that commodity prices should rise when demand exceeds supply – and precious metals are no different. When production of physical gold and silver declines, the value of available stockpiles increases, providing savvy investors with a chance to boost returns if they buy at the right time. Many...

4 reasons why Australia is an ideal location for buying gold

Whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned buyer of precious metals, there are a number of important factors to consider when deciding where to purchase gold bullion. Your chosen location should be stable, have an active trading market and be ideally placed to take advantage of production and distribution...

4 reasons to invest in gold and silver coins

People who decide to invest in physical gold and silver will face a choice when the time to buy arrives: should I opt for bullion bars or coins? Both have their own advantages and it will often be a case of choosing which type of bullion is most suitable for...

Is my gold secure in a bank’s safety deposit box?

People who don't want to store their precious metals at home will often consider hiring out a safety deposit box at a bank. Safety deposit box services, historically, have been heavily dominated by the banks – but as the need for this type of service has escalated and waiting lists...

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